What is a co-op?

An autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic , social and cultural goals through a jointly-owned democratically-controlled entreprise.


Why a co-op?

Since a co-op is not owned by a CEO or shareholders, the social and economic benefits stay within the community. Each year, Jake's Co-op gives around 30 000$ back to the community, largely through investing in student projects, scholarships, bursaries, and international internships. Not only that, but every year we hire a number of students paying out approximately 180 000$ in student salaries each year. This is a great opportunity for students to not only have jobs on campus but to also learn management, marketing, customer services and working skills in a high-paced environment. 



Vanier Co-op was an initiative started by the Vanier College Student Assosciation VCSA in 2014. Jake's Café was created because students were looking for healthier and more diverse options than what the cafeteria was offering. Jake's Café offers a wide range of specialty coffees, homemade sandwiches, soups and salads as well as vegetarian and vegan options for our students. Realizing that the creation of Jake's Co-op gives students a way to be involved, as well as ownership of a part of the colege, fostering a sense of belonging to the whole community, the VCSA and the college took the co-op initiative further by turning the college bookstore into a co-op as well. We ended up with a beautiful bookstore that offers everything that students and staff could possibly need, from Vanier branded swag, speciality stationery items, Herschel school bags and personal care products. In 2019, the co-op became an accredited bookstore. The first and only English Cegep to have an accredited bookstore and one of only seven English accredited bookstores in Quebec. This means that we have a huge selection of General Literature books that rivals Chapters or Indigo.



To offer an easy to access, affordable, independant bookstore services to serve the Vanier , Ville Saint-Laurent and the broader Montreal community. As a cooperative, we believe heavily in investing back into these commmunities. By choosing us, you do not only purchase items you love, you are also supporting your neighbours, students and a wide variety of environmental, social justice and educational projects.