Faculty Ordering Information (For Teachers Only!)


Order Target Dates

Summer 2022 Semester: May 13th, 2022  

Fall 2022 Semester: June 10th, 2022

Winter 2023 Semester: October 28th, 2022


Why order so early?

We ask that you place your orders as soon as possible so that we can do our best to get the necessary materials in time for start of classes. The Bookstore buyer needs your textbook orders early in order to research availability and options (different formats, e-books etc.) and find and offer alternatives if necessary (e.g., a requested book has gone out of print), order and receive your books so that they are available before the start of classes. We do work hard to fill late orders, especially for new faculty that have been hired late. If you no longer teach a course for which you submitted a request, please cancel your order and notify us as soon as you can.

Please submit your TEXTBOOK order here: Textbook Order Form

Please submit your COURSE-PACK order here: Course-Pack Printing Request 


Average Delivery Times Depending on Publisher Location

Canada: 1 to 3 weeks

USA: 3 to 4 weeks

Outside of North America: 8 – 16 weeks (Most orders come by ship not by air)


Textbook Return

Most publishers allow the Bookstore to return textbooks for credit.  There are a few that sell on a non-returnable basis.  The Bookstore is unable to absorb the costs of unsold materials that cannot be returned for full credit.  If you choose to order a non-returnable book, we ask you to please make sure that your students buy the quantities that we have ordered for your class.

Some publishers (e.g.,Dimedia, Socadis, ADP, HMH) also only allow us to return 20% of the books that we have ordered. If you choose to order a book from one of these publishers, we ask you to please make sure that your students buy the quantities that we have ordered for your class.

The Bookstore returns unsold copies of textbooks to publishers near the end of each semester. We do not hold over copies from one semester to the next.


Why doesn’t the Bookstore always order 100% of my class enrolment?

We know not every student will purchase the required materials.  Some students share materials; others do not buy any of the materials.  The Bookstore reviews past sales against enrollments and may adjust the quantity accordingly.


Desk Copies

After a book has been adopted for your course use, the publisher may provide one or more desk copies for the instructor.

Unfortunately, publishers will not allow the Bookstore to order your desk copies for you.

You can contact:

  • The publisher’s sales representative
  • The publisher’s customer service desk
  • The publisher’s website

 Download Publisher Contact List


Need a copy of your course-pack?

Be sure to indicate that you would like a teacher’s copy on your course-pack order form. The cost of your teacher’s copy is calculated into the price of the student’s copy. If you did not request a teacher’s copy of your course-pack but would like one, you will need to purchase it at your own expense. Or, you can request a digital copy of your course-pack at any time for no charge.

Desk Copy Loan Policy

Jake’s Co-op is happy to loan instructors copies of in-stock course material while they await the arrival of complimentary copies requested from the publisher.

You will be required to pay for the books you have selected, and you will be refunded once your complimentary copies are submitted back to us. Returned books must be in unmarked & mint condition, and returned prior to the sessional deadline: Spring/Summer Courses: Within 1 month Fall Courses: Before Thanksgiving Winter Courses: Before Reading Week


Helpful Tips for New Instructors

Ordering: Please don’t assume that books have been ordered for your class or that there is overstock from a previous semester. If you know which books you want to use, you can place your order HERE, or if you need assistance, you can contact our Book Manager at jakesbooks@vaniercollege.qc.ca  

Contact us: Feel free to call us, send us an email or drop by in-person if you have any questions at all concerning your upcoming courses and your required course material. You can find our contact list HERE

Information Source: The bookstore can provide helpful information such as previous books used, approximate timelines to obtain books, and publisher contacts. We are one more resource available to help you with your textbook selection process. Our goal is to provide the students with the books you require by the beginning of class when possible.

Desk Copies: Please note that publishers require that desk copy requests come directly from instructors or departments and not from the bookstore. You can find the publisher contact info by downloading this list Download Publisher Contact List

Course List: Course lists are available on the bookstore website about one month before classes begin. They are entered in the order they are received so there may be delays as we get closer to the beginning of classes. If you see an error in your course, or do not see your course posted, please contact jakesbooks@vaniercollege.qc.ca.