What is a Co-op?


A co-operative (co-op) is an autonomous association of people who unite voluntarily to meet their economic, social, and cultural needs, as well as their dreams through a business which is collectively owned and wherein power is exercised democratically.

Our mission as a cooperative is to offer affordable supplies and books while remaining convenient for its members.


The Co-op values

  • Self-help
  • Self-responsibility
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Solidarity


Why should I become a member?

  • To save on every purchase
  • To support a student-run and owned business
  • Because the Co-op gives back to its community
  • Because I can get involved in the management of the Co-op by sitting on the board of directors

Cost of a membership

For $20, you can become a member of Jake's Co-op. You will benefit from a variety of discounts and have access to our promotions. Those discounts apply on books, as well as merchandise. When you cancel your membership, you will receive $10 back! In other words, if you remember to come back to cancel your membership, it would really only cost you $10 in the first place! ⁠Wink

For example, when you come in store to buy your textbooks, your purchase will cover the $20 charge of the membership IF you buy all your books at once.

Support your local co-op and become a member at Jake's!

Interested? Come in store to make a membership and reap the benefits it has to offer!