Vanier Faculty Ordering Procedures


All orders must be emailed to


  • If you order a textbook or a literary book, for each required title, please add the information below to your email:




Quantity Required:       

Format: (Physical and/or digital)

Course Code:
Course Title:    

Teacher Name:

Date of use during the semester:


  • If you order a coursepack, please:

1-  Fill and return the attached excel file

2-  Attach the pdf of your original coursepack to your email, if applicable.


DEADLINE DATES for Course Materials 


Summer Semester: before April 30th

Fall Semester: before June 15th

Winter Semester: before Novemeber 30th

Average Delivery Times Depending on Publisher Location


Canada: 1 to 3 weeks

USA: 3 to 4 weeks

Outside of North America: 8 – 16 weeks (Most orders come by ship not by air)